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About Decor Stones - Trader of High Quality Stones & Stone Products.

Decor Stones, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is a well-known name in the stone industry. We trade in high-quality stones and stone products, exporting and supplying marble, granite, slate, limestone, sandstone, stone veneer, ledge stone, mosaic tiles, and stone artfacts. Our products are prized for their strength and beauty, appealing to individuals and businesses alike. We offer these stones in various sizes and specifications, and you can get them in medium to large quantities at reasonable prices. We export our products to many countries, including the UK, Germany, Italy, the USA, and more.

Our journey began in 2018 when our CEO, Mr. Abhishek Sharma, founded the company in Jaipur. Since then, we’ve been receiving positive responses from our customers as we continue to provide top-notch stone products.

Decor Stones India takes pride in being a trusted trader of high-quality stones, offering a wide range of exquisite options for your projects. As a certified exporter of stones in India, we assure you of top-notch quality that meets international standards. Our expertise lies in being a prominent marble exporter from India, providing a diverse selection of natural marbles and stones. At Decor Stones India, we prioritize delivering value without compromising on quality. Whether you’re in India or the UAE, you can buy marble at the lowest prices from us, ensuring your projects are adorned with the finest materials.

Our Vision

Decor Stones our profound vision is to emerge as a preeminent global authority in the export of marbles and stones. Central to this vision is an unwavering dedication to the principles of quality, innovation, and sustainability. We envisage a world where our natural stone products, renowned for their timeless elegance, serve as the quintessential choice for embellishing architectural and design landscapes worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the finest selection of Indian natural stones to our valued customers around the world. We are committed to sourcing and delivering premium quality materials that meet the highest industry standards. Through ethical and sustainable practices, we aim to not only beautify spaces but also preserve the natural beauty of our planet. We strive to build enduring partnerships, foster a culture of excellence within our team, and continuously explore new frontiers in design and technology to uphold our reputation as a trusted global exporter in the marble and stone industry.

Our Certificates

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